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IceForum Developmental Hockey Program

The IceForum Developmental Hockey Program is the first step in learning to play the game of hockey. Emphasis is on skill development and fun.


Cross Ice Program

Step one in the process of learning to play hockey begins with our “Cross ice Program”. The program is designed for individuals who have a desire to learn the sport of hockey.  

What is the “Cross Ice Program?”

The Cross Ice Program is based on a model of practicing and playing hockey across the ice surface compared to playing lengthwise. Players have more energy and can improve their skills when they are skating 85 feet across the ice as opposed to 200 feet lengthwise. It is also easier to design drills according to varying skill levels of players. Each player will have more contact with the puck resulting in improved puck control skills.


Who is eligible?

The program is designed for children 12 and under who have completed the Snowplow Sam 1, 2 & 3 learn to skate program or the Youth Basic 1 learn to skate program.



The Cross Ice Program is run year round in 8 week sessions. Each session's fee includes a jersey and socks. Full hockey equipment is required. See list below for a list of equipment.




Full ice hockey equipment is required for cross ice.

The list includes:

Helmet - HECC approved

Full facemask – HEXX approved

Internal Mouth Guard (color)

Neck Guard

Shoulder pads

Elbow pads


Athletic support /protective cup (males and females)

Hockey pants

Shin guards

Hockey socks