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Defensive Zone Coverage in 5 on 5 Situations

This is how to play in your defensive zone in a 5 on 5 situation.

Defensive Zone Coverage


In the defensive zone play one man on the puck and a box behind in the
following manner.

* The closest defenseman plays the puck carrier forcing him to the outside and
staying on the defensive side with as tight a gap as possible.

* The second defenseman covers the front of the net from the defensive side.

* The first forward back stays in and plays the low 3 on 3 with the defense. Usually the Center.

* The second backchecker cover the weak side defense and mid slot.

* The third forward back cover the strong side point.

* When blocking a shot you must get directly in front of the shooter.

* When the puck is at the point all five defenders cover one man each.

* When the puck is along the boards the first defender take the body and
the second get the puck.

* Passes around the boards must be hard.

* All players have 1 on 1 responsibilities, if a teammate loses a 1 on 1,
play a 2 on 1 until the beaten player recovers.

* Collapse to a tight box when in trouble, never forgetting point

* All players help out by talking.