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Skills and Habits
These are the Skills and Habits that are essential for every hockey player to master first and foremost.

Always face the puck
Bend your knees and ankles; This allows you to get full leg extension when pushing to the side
Keep your Head Up!
Skate Hard to open ice when you get the puck to create space and time
Look for the closest open teammate to pass to
Stay on the defensive side of your opponent
Follow your passes and shots. Don't stand and watch
Look for rebounds. Don't skate by the net and admire your shot
Keep your stick in the passing/shooting lane
Attack the puck. You have to Want the puck more then your opponent
Support when playing away from the puck. Get open if on offense, cover someone if on defense (See the four playing roles)
Skate into passes. Skate to the puck, don't wait for it to come to you
Stick on Ice
Head on Swivel
Communicate with teammates - Talk!

Skating - foward, backward, stopping, crossunders, edges, balance, transition
Shooting - wrist shot, snap shot, flip shot, one-timer
Passing forehand, backhand, saucer, one-touch
Puck Control- with stick and with feet
Stick Checking- lift, press, sweep, poke
Angling - line up on opponents inside shoulder; force to outside
Protecting the puck