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The IceForum Cross Ice Program is designed for the development of the beginner hockey player. Players will learn the game of hockey while developing the skating skills needed for league play.  This program will be taught by our highly qualified hockey coaches. The program will consist of 8 sessions each an hour in length. Students will also receive public skate sessions to further practice and develop their skills!  Cross Ice is for players 12 and under


You can register at the rink on or before the first class date.  
Program cost:

·         HECC approved helmet with face mask that provides full facial protection and any chin protection that accompanies the facemask. (Street hockey helmets do not meet these requirements).
·         Internal colored mouthpiece (not clear) attached to the facemask
·         Neck guard
·         Shoulder, elbow and shin pads
·         Gloves
·         Padded hockey pants or hip pads
·         Hockey skates and stick
·         Supporter and cup
·         Any other equipment that may be required by USA Hockey